Friday, October 3, 2008

Yes, I have a thing about numbers!

These first two paintings were created a while back. Unfortunately "#12" was acquired by the person who thought he knew what 'husband' actually meant! "#36" lives a much happier existence at a friend's place.
The others are from a series I'm currently painting called "Numbers in my Head".

By the Light of the Moon

One of my latest paintings, which I'm pleased has much interest in it (though my brother hates it!). Hopefully this is going to be used in a cafe postcard design. It will also be in the Novemebr exhibition.


Putting things in Boxes

I initially wanted to screen print these works but couldn't figure out how best to go about it on boxed canvas, so I gave up and painted them. The hours it took to get straight lines almost did my head in!

Under a red sky

This painting was initially going to be called 'Under a Cubist Sky' but I decided to use that title in another painting (yet to be finished). Was auctioned in 2006 and I miss it!

Ebb and Flow

I painted these about a year ago, again the 'helix' theme appears and my favourite colour aqua. Living by the sea I can't help but incorporate the idea of the tide. The one on the left is heading for an exhibition and the one on the right hangs in my hallway.

Helix theme

The 'helix' idea features in a lot of my recent work. I love adding text too. These two paintings are going into the Kapiti Arts Trail exhibition in November

My Art

I've finally got organised enough to put some of my art on this blogspot. Take a look. I won't be offended if viewers don't like it (but may dump you as a friend!). Just kidding...I create art for my own enjoyment, must be the ego-centric child in me, but if others like it too then that's an added bonus.