Saturday, September 29, 2007

Newsflash - Credit card thrashed to death in Sheffield!

Hey everyone
I arrived in the UK a few days back but have been unable to get anywhere near the internet. Internet cafes were on every corner in Italy but have had to visit the library here. Unfortunately Im not allowed to download my photos onto my blog from fact when I asked if I could download my photos onto the internet I got raised eyebrows from the library staff. Ha ha.
Catching up with family here has been great. Yesterday we went into the city and my credit card got a total thrashing at one particular shop. Poor visa is starting to lose its shine. Last night we went to a local pub 'Bridge Inn' for a drink and dinner I had really delicious lamb shanks.
Dad - you'll be please to know I caught up with Barry and Mary too. Mary was her usual bubbly self. Barry hasn't been well but I think he's on the mend now. They are really looking forward to moving closer to Kevin and have their house advertised on the internet. I've got Finn's phone number and I'm going to catch up with him when I get to London.
Jane - I know your bloke's from England but I must say I don't know how you lived in the Uk all those years. The weather is so bleak. You were right about Italy's sights though. I recalled lots of the ancient sights from your photos and travels.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last night in Italy

Last night tonight in Italy but I know Ill be back someday. There is too much to see in this country and you cant do it justice in 2 weeks. Im in Rome and our group is off to dinner and drinks shortly. Fly from Rome to Manchester tomorrow so hopefully will be there without any delays by lunchtime.
Mum the lemoncello here is a killer...two drinks the other night and I couldnt walk!
The mosquitos in Venice were the lowlight of my trip. have about 20 bites, 15 of which are on my face! The UK customs maynot let me in!!! Its like the chickenpox scare all over again.
Ciao Italy...I know you will miss me.

Welcome home Battys

Hi Kiri, Jim, Jaedyn and Cody
Hope your holiday in Oz went well. Now you can rest at home..but remember no parties without me! Hope the cats arent acting too pathetic without me. Chat soon. Love Jess

Monday, September 24, 2007


Wow, what a city! Casino Royale felt all so familiar but no Bond appeared. Took a Gondala ride around the waterways, then a walk around San Marco piazza. Did some shopping of course and had a delicious Ham and mozarella melt for lunch. Then half of the group caught the ferry to nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello.

Murano is famous for its handblown glass and we watched a demostration of ornaments being made.

Then off to the fishing village of Burano where lace is made. The houses here are painted a wonderful arrayof colours.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Winery for wine tasting and Al Fresco dinner

This is me with another kiwi called Sarah. Weve been rooming together for most of the trip.

Lake Garda and Verona

Today we drove two hours to Lake Garda, the biggest Lake in Italy. Then our bus drove onto the ferry and we rode to the other side. Had a delicious seafood lunch in Garda then drove another two hours to Verona ...the cityof Romeo and Juliette. We had 2 hours freetime there to wander, which was great timing because there was a huge street festival on. There seemed to be millions of people there all crowding the streets. In such hot weather I had to stop for a gelatto *icecream*. The clothes here are amazing and there are some bargains mixed in with the Dolce & Gabana type couture. The down side is that all the clothes here are in prep for winter, so I havent found anything I want.

We saw Juliettes balcony and the piazza, which was difficult to fully appreciate crowded with so many people.

Then back on the bus to head to Venice.

Travel details for Ma

Hey mum, hope your trip is going well too. My Jet2 flight is LS792 arriving Manchester Terminal 1 Ground level at 13.15 on Wed 26 Sept