Saturday, September 29, 2007

Newsflash - Credit card thrashed to death in Sheffield!

Hey everyone
I arrived in the UK a few days back but have been unable to get anywhere near the internet. Internet cafes were on every corner in Italy but have had to visit the library here. Unfortunately Im not allowed to download my photos onto my blog from fact when I asked if I could download my photos onto the internet I got raised eyebrows from the library staff. Ha ha.
Catching up with family here has been great. Yesterday we went into the city and my credit card got a total thrashing at one particular shop. Poor visa is starting to lose its shine. Last night we went to a local pub 'Bridge Inn' for a drink and dinner I had really delicious lamb shanks.
Dad - you'll be please to know I caught up with Barry and Mary too. Mary was her usual bubbly self. Barry hasn't been well but I think he's on the mend now. They are really looking forward to moving closer to Kevin and have their house advertised on the internet. I've got Finn's phone number and I'm going to catch up with him when I get to London.
Jane - I know your bloke's from England but I must say I don't know how you lived in the Uk all those years. The weather is so bleak. You were right about Italy's sights though. I recalled lots of the ancient sights from your photos and travels.

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