Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cinque Terre - The five lands

Currently staying in La Spezia. Had free time today so I chose to take on a challenge! I walked an old pilgrim path between the "Five Lands", five fishing villages on the coast. It took five hours and I got the train there at 8am so got lots of it complete before the heat of the sun killed me. Boy was it hard though, very steep terrain but rewarding to complete it. My feet and legs were very sore; a lot of it was like scaling Mt Everest...except in 29°! The last village was Monterosso and it had a lovely beach. So I threw on my togs and had a very refreshing swim. Beautiful clear ocean and deep. After some lunch I caught the train back to La Spezia and am now in the internet cafe whilst my clothes are in a machine at the laundrette over the road.
My money is lasting well and the visa has only had 2 outings so far. There are lots of pick pockets here but all of our group is security conscious.
Mum I know you want my travel details but I havent got them with Ill put them on my blog at the next stop.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Ciao from Lucca, a small but very interesting city. The city is completely enclosed by a wall, inside which lives very wealthy citizens. The streets are full of lots of shops and yes I have done some jewellery shopping! We all knew it was inevitable. I slept during the bus journey from Florence this morning as three of us got in at 2am. We stumbled upon a tango club last night which was beautiful entertainment.
At this point Id like to thank the boss for allowing me to have the time off. Thanks Keith Im having an incredible experience and am tempted to stay here! Though I know you may try to harm some of my family members back home if I do.
Ive made some awesome new friendships on this tour, but wish my mates back home were here to experience this with me too. You would all love the atmosphere; needless to say Ill be back one day.
The time away, where you know nobody, provides lots of reflection time and my place in the universe seems so much clearer I havent taken any weird drugs...just getting high on life!
Madi thanks again for feeding my cats whilst Im away...I bought you some cool earrings today which I hope you like.
Arrivederci from Lucca. xxx
PS no photos because I keep leaving my connecting cord on the bus.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Florence

Sorry Ive been unable to get near a computer in days, our schedule here is so packed. Have visited Assisi, Siena and now in Florence. Lots of shops, markets and jewellery. Had my first major splurge today and bought a lovely leather bag. The people here are friendly and appreciate it when you try to speak the language. Cant believe how much Im actually able to say now. Weve just been out for dinner and now heading out for drinks. Chat soon

Monday, September 17, 2007


This is where I am today. Very hot weather. Im waiting for the ferry to take me back to Sorrento, which will take one hour. From there Ill need to buy a ticket and find the right bus to catch back to my hotel.
AS you can probably gather from the bus photo, the roads here are very narrow!


Sorrento is a large settlement on the beautiful Almafi Coast.

Most beaches here are stony but the water is beautiful.


Gladiator training stadium. Where the man is walking in the background is the cells where gladiators were locked in at night.

A petrified person! One of many they have found.

Large mansion uncovered and still retains many mosaics and wall frescoes inside.


The buried village of Pompeii.

Pompeii, Sorrento and Postiano

Ciao my friends
Yesterday we took a 4 hour bus ride south, from Rome to Pompeii. The site of Pompeii, the buried village, was mind blowing. The technology the romans had and their obsession with sexually explicit art was educational! Our group pitched in and hired a Pompeii guide, so we were able to make the most of our time there. Then after lunch we travelled another hour south to Sorrento (where we are staying for two nights).
The views in Sorrento are beautiful, in fact the whole of the Amalfi Coast is stunnning. All the houses, hotels and roads cling to the side of cliffs. The roads are incredibly narrow and traffic jams and rock falls are common.
Today we had free time to explore so I caught a bus to Postiano...45 minutes on winding cliffside roads and a stomach full of vodka from the night before was not wise. However I did make it in one piece, but will be catching the ferry back! The sun is blasting down outside so I am trying not to get burnt.
Now I have time Ive downloaded some photos so check them out!