Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cinque Terre - The five lands

Currently staying in La Spezia. Had free time today so I chose to take on a challenge! I walked an old pilgrim path between the "Five Lands", five fishing villages on the coast. It took five hours and I got the train there at 8am so got lots of it complete before the heat of the sun killed me. Boy was it hard though, very steep terrain but rewarding to complete it. My feet and legs were very sore; a lot of it was like scaling Mt Everest...except in 29°! The last village was Monterosso and it had a lovely beach. So I threw on my togs and had a very refreshing swim. Beautiful clear ocean and deep. After some lunch I caught the train back to La Spezia and am now in the internet cafe whilst my clothes are in a machine at the laundrette over the road.
My money is lasting well and the visa has only had 2 outings so far. There are lots of pick pockets here but all of our group is security conscious.
Mum I know you want my travel details but I havent got them with Ill put them on my blog at the next stop.

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Gill said...

Hi Jess all good here and great youre getting so much out of the trip dying to hear all about it in person. Have Jet2 and your time so if you can't get flight number don't worry. A design festival on here just now so we have spent the day going around many exhibitions hardly scratched the surface though. My feet are better you'll be pleased to know! Hi to mother kirsty from mummy gill too xx