Saturday, October 6, 2007


To whom it may into work
Hopefully someone attached to my work will read this before I return....if so can you please pass on to the boss (unless you're reading this for yourself Keith) that I arrive back on Tuesday afternoon, so will be in at work on Wednesday (with toothpicks holding my eyelids open). Cheers Jess

One last night

Yesterday I caught up with Amanda (old primary school buddy) and her husband Luke. We spent the evening wandering around the Tate Gallery, which was full of weird and wonderful artworks by Picasso, Miro, Monet and Matisse. As Amanda is a member of the Tate we were able to enjoy a drink in the members bar and enjoy the evening view over the Thames . Then we wandered the back streets of London (thought they were going to lead me astray and leave me stranded in some tunnel or other!), then we emerged back out in the open to dine at a lovely restuarant called Baltic. I had seared scallops followed by Pork and roasted veges. A wonderful night with fabulous company.

Last night in London tonight. I hope to catch the NZ vs. France Rugby match then stumble blindly to the airport tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with you all back home and boring you to death with my pics. (So Kiri and Jim - kick out anyone who's been sleeping in my bed and Roy & Rochelle - pour me a's gonna be a looooooooong night).

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Visiting the Queen

Went to visit the Queen today but she'd just popped out to the shops. Never mind. However I saw Tom Parker-Bowles and he said Charlie and his mum were fine. Went for a long and lovely walk with Mum and Greg around lots of sights. Went to Covent Gardens Markets which had great street performers.

Last night we had dinner with Finn and Jane (who send their regards to you Nick and Dad).

Tomorrow I'm meeting Amanda for lunch then we're off to a Tapas bar in the evening.


Visited this amazing mansion and gardens with my Uncle Alan. It's the house of the Duke of Devonshire. There is currently a huge sculpture exhibition in the grounds. Beautiful weather to look around and explore.

Catching up with Family

Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey people
Ive arrived in London, it's raining but not cold. Had a tour around the city with Greg this afternoon.
Yesterday we had a family meal with Tony, Chris, Ian (and girlfriend Mel), Tracey, Alan, Anne, Claire and her friend Steve. Great to catch up with everyone. Had to be up early to catch the bus, which took 4 hours.
Am looking forward to some more shopping tomorrow...however my bag is bursting at the seams.