Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nostell Priory

Nostell Priory monastery buildings were converted into
a dwelling in 1654. The Winn family have lived there ever
since. The main house (in background was built in 1735.

Can't believe Gary was allowed inside after he scaled a
locked gate into their back garden and encouraged me
to do the same. Luckily we were not apprehended.

Said gate...which apparently lead to the 'Pleasure
Garden' which we could not find.
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Manchester baby!

Flight to Hong Kong was uncomfortable but spent the 12 hours watching three movies. Got to Hong Kong at 10pm and had a fabulous massage which sent me to sleep (on seats in the terminal). Hong Kong still looks like the most polluted city in the world, though last time I was here (when I was ten) all I cared about was conning my folks into buying me a Princess Leah doll...which I still have :)
Flight from Hong Kong to Munich took another twelve hours and I slept most of the way, which was surprising as I was seated next to Hong Kong's version of Mr Bean. Hilarious watching him blow up and adjust his neck pillow over a 40 minute period, then ditch it altogether.
Gary collected me from Manchester, seems like only yesterday we were touring Italy. Hit the tourist sights then enjoyed a meal with him and Paula in the evening.
Today Gary and I spent the day at a Priory (name escapes me) and climbed a locked gate to locate a 'pleasure park' within the priory grounds - best not to ask! Finally got to Harrogate (after Gary's GPS sent us to Scotland and back) and now preparing for Tracy's wedding tomorrow.