Friday, September 21, 2007


Ciao from Lucca, a small but very interesting city. The city is completely enclosed by a wall, inside which lives very wealthy citizens. The streets are full of lots of shops and yes I have done some jewellery shopping! We all knew it was inevitable. I slept during the bus journey from Florence this morning as three of us got in at 2am. We stumbled upon a tango club last night which was beautiful entertainment.
At this point Id like to thank the boss for allowing me to have the time off. Thanks Keith Im having an incredible experience and am tempted to stay here! Though I know you may try to harm some of my family members back home if I do.
Ive made some awesome new friendships on this tour, but wish my mates back home were here to experience this with me too. You would all love the atmosphere; needless to say Ill be back one day.
The time away, where you know nobody, provides lots of reflection time and my place in the universe seems so much clearer I havent taken any weird drugs...just getting high on life!
Madi thanks again for feeding my cats whilst Im away...I bought you some cool earrings today which I hope you like.
Arrivederci from Lucca. xxx
PS no photos because I keep leaving my connecting cord on the bus.

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