Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lake Garda and Verona

Today we drove two hours to Lake Garda, the biggest Lake in Italy. Then our bus drove onto the ferry and we rode to the other side. Had a delicious seafood lunch in Garda then drove another two hours to Verona ...the cityof Romeo and Juliette. We had 2 hours freetime there to wander, which was great timing because there was a huge street festival on. There seemed to be millions of people there all crowding the streets. In such hot weather I had to stop for a gelatto *icecream*. The clothes here are amazing and there are some bargains mixed in with the Dolce & Gabana type couture. The down side is that all the clothes here are in prep for winter, so I havent found anything I want.

We saw Juliettes balcony and the piazza, which was difficult to fully appreciate crowded with so many people.

Then back on the bus to head to Venice.

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