Friday, September 7, 2007

No Chicken Pox

Phew...a close call..thought I had caught chicken pox from Cody. Over the phone the nurse said not to fly but on inspection the doctor diagnosed hives. Eating too many kiwifruit apparently.

While I'm on here thought you might like to see the painting I did Nick for his birthday. Sorry you'll have to look sideways to view it.


Kiri said...

Hey you!! We are missing you! Bebo is Ok. She does not require therapy yet but I'm sure the need will be coming. Latte is strutting around being the queen of the house. Hope all is well. Arohanui Kiri

Marie said...

Hi Jess - missing you at work. It's sooo quiet without you!!! Loved the painting you did for Sue. She is delighted with it. JT has been traumatising me with mouse traps, mouse tails and now clay mice on my desk ... Thinking of you and hope you're not too jet lagged.