Thursday, September 13, 2007

I,ve arrived!

After travelling 24 hours to get here we were glad to have our feet on the ground again. Once at Rome airport we wished we could go back home as our prepaid shuttle was nowhere to been found. We spent the next four hours trying to track down the associated company and in the process spoke to many unfriendly natives. We were beginning to feel like we were in the Tom Hanks movie THE TERMINAL. Anyway we did finally make it to our hotel, which is very chic. The weather is about 28 degrees and dry. Last night we ventured to a bar (where the vodka and lemonade drinks only contain a teaspoon of lemonade!), then onto a restuarant Pagaroma. Today we walked to The National museum of modern art (where we were told off 3 times for getting too close to things), then on through the park to Villa Borghese. There is so much to take in and the driving is something else! Off on my tour tomorrow. chat soon Jess

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