Friday, September 14, 2007

Flying solo

Hi all
Just caught a cab to my new place Hotel Giotto near the Vatican city. Tonight at dinner Ill meet up with the tour co and fellow venturers. Let's hope i'm not the most normal!! Earlier today Mum and Greg and I caught a bus to see the Trevi fountain. What an amazing thing to find tucked away in a dead end street. Then we walked in the 30 degrees heat to the Spanish Steps. Mum showed me the convent at the top where her twin sister lived for a year. Then we wandered the streets, mostly window shopping. The prices were fair to expensive. Looked in the window of Armani and dolce and gabana. I think I have laringitis! ...and I haven't really been living it up yet. This internet cafe is opposite my hotel so maybe tomorrow I'll try to download some photos.
Bro ...your video camera's a dream machine. Thank you so much
Kiri, Jim, Cody and Jaedyn...enjoy your flight to Oz tomorrow. Travel safe and have a ball. Miss you crazy cats...and the real cats!
Katy my beautiful god daughter...I bought you the cutest toy for your collection. I hope I can part with it when the time comes!
Ciao everyone

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