Saturday, September 15, 2007

Buona Sera Amigo

MY FEET WANT TO COME HOME FOR A HOLIDAY! Today we did a 4 hour walking tour of Rome, which actually turned out to be more like 7 hours!! Thank God we are on a 5 hour bus trip to Pompei tomorrow, my feet hate me. Today started in a long queue for the Vatican City. Lined up for an hour and a half for the gates to open at 10am. Once the gates opened it took us 30minutes to get to the gate and inside. The queue was so credibly long, that only half the people waiting would get inside before closing time. The queue was about a km long and 8 people wide. We even got to use one of the Pope's toilets! Amazingly enough you were allowed to video and take photos inside most parts, except Sistine chapel. Spent a lot of time there praying for all my wayward know who you are! The opulence of the entire place was amazing but also a concern.
Then we walked to the Forum, Colleseum and Pantheon.
Ended the day at a great pizzeria in Flaminio. Going back to my hotel very jaded.

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