Sunday, April 18, 2010

Seville - city of shoe shopping!

Real Alcaza - Royal Palace

Buenos dias :)
I've just arrived in Seville (Se-vee-ya) after 6 hours on the road. Our tour leader has told us that this is the city to buy leather shoes and hand bags, so now I'm unsure if I should leave the hotel at all! My luggage is heavy enough. Tonight we are off to a small Andalusian palace for an authentic dinner. However, now I've seen how they prepare their pork I'm not sure I'll want any. Went into a grocery store yesterday and hanging from every inch of the ceiling were pigs legs...eww.

Yesterday we were in Salamanca, which was a very busy student city. Lots happening in the town square and thousands of people out enjoying the sun. The Cathedral there, built in the 13th century, has an intriguing carving among other religious carvings on it's facade, and we were set a challenge to find it. The carving is of an astronaut...which unless they had time machine in the 1200's seems a little odd. Managed to find it after circumnavigating the cathedral twice...THEN the heavens opened and everyone got saturated on the way back to the hotel.

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