Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lost in a maze of streets

Today we drove from Burgos (don't bother visiting it) to Salamanca. On the way we made two stops, firstly to Sergovia and then in Avila.
Sergovia has an amazing roman aquaduct which dates back to the second century; thought dad would be amazed by the construction. Unfortunately I will remember this city for different reasons...getting lost! I made one wrong turn and it was a wee while before I realised my mistake. I couldn't find anyone who spoke English to help me, must have asked 8 different strangers. Finally I came upon the Church of Saint Estoban and anyone who knows Jim Batty will know he has a special connection with this name. So a quick prayer here and 20 minutes of running got me back to the bus! Everyone else was on board and had been waiting a good ten minutes. However when they saw my frantic exhausted face all was forgiven. Phew!
Avila city is completely enclosed by a medieval wall. I walked part of the wall, although sadly it was raining and this time returned to the bus early.
Tomorrow we head to Seville for two nights - but I'd certainly like to come back to Salamanca once day, it's beautiful.

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