Friday, April 2, 2010

Shopping in Leeds

Had a great time today shopping in Leeds. Bought three pairs of shoes (one pair of heels, one pair of keds and one pairs of sandals), so I'm sure Shelley and Kiri will be proud. Also spotted these fun purple ones - but kept my purse in handbag and walked away quickly. I know they're silly but I love them! Back in Harrogate now and off to 'Clash of the Titans' later.


Gill said...

Hi Jess wow shoe fetish 3 pairs already and you're not even in Spain! I'm back from Auckland where, sorry to say I missed behaved but we all had great fun. Send me Amanda's phone asp so I can ring you in London. All well here but we miss you heaps! Love to Mans too
Ma x

karen & bish said...

hmmmmm, very classy, shelley & kiri would indeed be jealous!!